Having a beard is the latest thing in men’s hair wear. Look at all the celebrities who are now sporting beards. The trick to having a good beard is to trim it regularly. If you don’t, it will get out of hand and look too crazy and wild. This won’t look good when you have to go on a job interview or have to go to the office and try to look professional. You need a good beard trimmer.

Beard trimmer reviews sites are different from one another. Some of them are easier to use and others are more complicated but give you a better than other beard trimmer reviews you have read because I will also teach you the art of beard trimming.

I’ll tell you what the best beard trimmer 2015 is so you know the state of the art beard trimmers. Let’s look at a few different beard trimmers so you can see the various features and learn how each of them works.

Taking a Look at the Top Beard Trimmers

1. Norelco QT4000
71ZOeG2PnzL._SY679_This is an affordable beard trimmer that has 10 built in settings for length that goes from 1 mm to 10 mm. The blades sharpen themselves so you can use it for a long time without it getting dull. There is a specialized locking feature that makes sure that the comb doesn’t move.
There are rounded tips that prevent skin irritation. If you charge it for ten hours, you get thirty-five minutes of full cordless power. Otherwise you can use it with the charging cord for endless time trimming the beard.
It has a rechargeable batteries made from nickel metal hydride with accessories that include an adapter for charging and a brush for cleaning.
This Philips Norelco Trimmer has a 45 day money back guarantee and a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. In short, this is one of the Philips Norelco trimmers that is the simplest to use with the fewest number of accessories







2.Wahl 9918-6171


GetImage.aspx If you’re looking for an affordable beard trimmer, a Wahl beard trimmer like the Wahl 9918-6171 runs as cheaply as $14.99 if you are looking for it on Amazon.com.

Other sites charge as much as $50 for the beard trimmer so search for a good price. This beard trimmer also works for moustaches.

It has a 6 position beard regulator that holds a memory that allows it to work the same way every time. You have the benefit of an ergonomic handle that has soft grip pads and is contoured for comfort. You can use it attached to the wall with its charger or use it cordless.

There is a three-year limited warranty, which is better than many beard trimmers. There is a travel pouch for traveling and precision ground blades made from high carbon steel which allow your blades to stay sharper for a long period of time



3.Norelco QT4070


c26-QT405041-1-l This is a more expensive beard trimmer but is perhaps the best beard trimmer out there. It costs $59.99 at Amazon.com.

Its key feature is its vacuum system that draws in your cut hairs so you don’t have any shaving mess while you’re shaving.

That might be the one thing that makes this one the best beard trimmer on the market. It has 18 secured settings that go from 1 mm up to 18 mm.

That works out to 1/32  inches up to 23/32 inches and it includes an ultra-fine 1/64th of an inch stubble setting for a smooth shave when you need it.

This beard trimmer offers a turbo boost of power that steps up the cutting speed and the fan speed. There is a high-tech multifunctional display that allows you to know the battery status and the hair length.

It’s a great beard trimmer and it may actually be worth the money you put into buying it







4.Remington MB4040


2015-07-16_23-14-55This Remington beard trimmer has a lithium ion battery with long lasting power.

You can shave for a full 120 minutes before you need to charge it. Add to that a three-hour charging time and you have a really nice beard trimmer.

It has three detachable heads that are used depending on what part of your face you are planning to shave. There is a beard head, a stubble trimming head and a goatee head. You can trim the longer hair on your face with still another attachment.

The Remington beard trimmer has 9 different lengths allowed so you can trim your beard with different lengths. It’s an easy to clean beard trimmer so you can remove any hair stuck inside the shaver.

This beard trimmer has an ultrathin blade that is self-sharpening so you can get a close shave without cutting yourself. The unit itself is very small so it fits well in travel luggage. It’s not waterproof so you need to shave outside of the shower. Its blade is titanium coated, which gives it strength and flexibility











5.Wahl 5537-1801


2015-07-16_23-18-27As a beard trimmer, the Wahl Trimmer model number 5547-1801 is extremely affordable.

You can get it as cheap as $10 through Amazon.com with prices slightly higher elsewhere.

This is a beard trimmer that has a lot of attachments that allow you to trim your beard to different lengths. It gives you a high carbon steel blade that stays sharp for a long period of time.

There are five position guides that go from long to short so that you can make your beard any length you like.

It comes with a bonus personal trimmer that you can use for your ear, brow and nose. Like many beard trimmers, it comes with a two-year warranty